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alfaHow to obtain clear gels from oily ingredients

Sucragel is a 100% natural, preservative-free, oil-thickening and emulsifying ingredient based on sugar chemistry. Its simplest use is as a liquid emulsifier for cold process o/w emulsions. However, its main redeeming quality is its ability to gel almost any oily ingredient such as vegetable oils, sun filters, silicones, mineral oils, esters, butters and waxes, into clear oily gels. But how does it manage to do this?


Alfa Chemicals Ltd is a privately-owned, speciality chemical distributor covering the UK & Ireland. The company was founded in 1976 and now employs 30 people at its head office in Bracknell and warehouse in Reading.

Alfa has 3 divisions each with its own sales team that is trained and focused on the specific needs of the markets we serve:

• Personal Care

• Pharmaceutical

• Industrial

Over half of Alfa’s employees are dedicated to sales and marketing and customer service. Our industry specific sales teams employ chemists with specialist industry training and experience to ensure they can offer the highest levels of technical advice and support to our customers.

Our warehouse and logistics operations are specialists in handling hazardous chemicals to ensure we can supply products safely and on time.

Alfa has built up successful and long lasting partnerships with quality chemical manufacturers ranging from multinational organisations to small specialty producers serving niche markets. Our targeted product portfolio enables us to meet the specific needs of the markets we serve.

Our mission

We believe that by working in partnership with our Principals and Customers we can provide high quality products, support & service and be the first choice partners for ongoing business and future projects.

cosmoprof bologna
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