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The 1st edition of the Beyond Beauty ASEAN trade show, held in Bangkok from September 18th to 20th, has scored a great success by gathering 8,218 visitors over 3 days among which 1,567 international coming from 57 countries. This “one stop trade show” achieved to position itself as a key trade platform for the ASEAN Beauty Industry as well as Thailand’s main Beauty hub in the region.


This fruitful edition - with 227 exhibitors coming from 23 countries including 5 national pavilions
(Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia) - has showcased 2,000 products covering the
sectors of Beauty & Cosmetics, Spa & Well-being, Herb & Supplement, Nair & Hair; leading the event
to an estimated trade volume of 30 millions USD (according to the organizer’s exhibitor survey). Such
a great and wide range of business opportunities has been reinforced by the Hosted VIP Buyer
programme which brought 100 top buyers from the ASEAN region to attend and participate in more
than 450 pre-scheduled business meetings with the exhibitors. Rashid Gallyot, Vice-President of Club
Bali Resort in Malaysia declared that “the event turned out to be more than a simple exhibition, we
had the chance to discover so many different products and companies than what we are used to see in
the area, this is a true one-step event, and very well organized on the top of that!.” A statement
confirmed by Sebastien Molina, Senior Technical Director of Bel Perfumes in Thailand who also
participated as a VIP buyer: “I have been amazed by how well the business matching was organized
and by the participants’ origin. All the ASEAN countries were represented and even beyond with
Europe and Korea. This show is definitely a place to be for all companies willing to develop in the
region.", followed by Cathy and Michael Turvill, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hotel and Spa
Essentials in Philippines who “had very successful meetings” and “are now closely working with some
exhibitors for their distribution strategy”.


Visitors also had the opportunity to take part in on-site activities such as conferences and live
demonstrations, as explained by Leila Cristobal, General Manager of Elegant Trio Colors Corporation
in Philippines: “Beyond Beauty Asean - Bangkok opens up new horizons and is a fantastic platform to
build up new alliances to be introduced in the region. I have found very good suppliers which I look
forward to collaborating with. My experience went even beyond as I’ve been able to get more
knowledge about the industry through lectures and demonstrations”. Three key conference areas, led
by 27 expert speakers, have been the scene for knowledge and deep analysis tackling topics such as
the entry into the ASEAN market, the latest cosmetic products formulation, innovation in beauty,
design trends and much more.


Show organizers came with promising conclusions and highlighted the ASEAN beauty market’s high
potential as said by Mr Loy Joon How, General Manager of IMPACT Exhibition Management: “This is a
very successful start for the industry and we had never expected anything but the best for the ASEAN
beauty market. As co-organiser and show manager we bring full support to the growth of this event.
We will work at turning the 2nd edition into the largest and most successful show of the region, and,
within the next few years, into one of the leading trade platforms for the global beauty industry.
Doubtless, this success is within reach thanks to the incredible support we got from many local and
international associations. Thailand’s strategic location in ASEAN and the fact that we have the largest
venue in the region both make this target an achievable one. Our success will not only be Beyond
Beauty Asean’s one, it will most importantly be a success for the whole ASEAN beauty industry”.


Ms Ketmanee Lertkitcha, Chairwoman of the Federation of Thai Industries-Beauty Cluster reiterates
local industry’s full support for this event and the commitment of the Federation Of Thai Industries in
confirming Thailand’s leading role in the ASEAN Beauty Industry through this event:“Co-organizing
the 1st edition of this event with Informa Exhibitions & IMPACT Exhibition Management has given us
the opportunity to assist Thai companies in their regional and international expansion and enable Thai
products and services to gain greater recognition worldwide. The trade volume created as a result of
this event is something we did not expect for the 1st edition but this further lends credence to the
immense potential for the entire region to enhance regional collaboration through this event to tap
into the strategic location and industry strengths of Thailand and yet benefits the entire region as a
whole. We are pleased with the efforts put in by our partners in making this event a success alongside
us and we intend to make this the key beauty platform in Thailand in the next few years with continual
cooperation with Informa Exhibitions & IMPACT Exhibition Management. The Federation Of Thai
Industries will put in its utmost effort to support the local industry through the 2nd edition of the event
in 2015 and provide even more opportunities for all, especially the SMEs which have a lot to benefit
through this regional platform in Thailand. We look forward to even higher quality buyers, greater
trade volume, more professional conferences and greater satisfaction among our exhibitors and
visitors next year round and all the statistics point to the fact that this is achievable given the
considerable success we have achieved for the 1st edition and also the experience, resources & expertise our partners and us have in hand.”

Mr David Bondi, Chief Operating Officer at Informa Exhibitions Asia opens door on the 2015 edition: “Our 1st entry into the ASEAN market has resulted in a greater success than we expected. The huge
participation of international buyers & visitors as well as the significant media coverage of our event
gives us extreme satisfaction and this is definitely a great endorsement of the Beyond Beauty brand
name as well as the location of Bangkok as a true Beauty hub of the ASEAN region. This event will be
the key highlight show of the Beyond Beauty portfolio in ASEAN and we intend to grow this show
rapidly to be the largest regional show in 2015 with the addition of 2 new key profiles (OEM &
Packaging). In addition, the co-organisation of this show in 2015 with the Federation Of Thai
Industries as well as IMPACT Exhibition Management (who is also the show manager) highlights the
full local support for this show which we are confident will create more business opportunities for the
ASEAN beauty industry. Nevertheless, we are not resting on our arms and are already planning more
exciting features for the next edition. The Hosted VIP Buyer Program will be expanded to twice its
current size with more than 200 VIP buyers to be hosted at our event. Other exciting features include
the SME zone for the Thailand Beauty SMEs to make full use of this event in Thailand & the Made-In-
Thailand zone to showcase the best of the Beauty Industry in Thailand. In all, these exciting additions
promise an even more successful event for the 2nd edition in 2015 and we are extremely confident all
these will bear great fruits for the entire beauty industry in ASEAN. Lastly, I like to thank all those who
have contributed in one way or another to the success of our 1st edition”.


 8,218 visitors – 1,567 international (57 countries)
 227 exhibitors (23 countries) - 5 National Pavilions (Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore &

  • 2,000+ products showcased at the event
  • 50+ pre-scheduled business meetings between exhibitors and ASEAN top buyers (“VIP Buyer Programme” organized by Beyond Beauty ASEAN-Bangkok 2014)
  • 3 conference areas - 45 Workshops & Seminars - 27 expert speakers from across the world
  • Presence of 83 local and overseas dignitaries of Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry Of
  • Commerce, Ministry Of Public Health, Tourism Authority Of Thailand, The Federation Of Thai Industries, ASEAN Cosmetics Association
  • Presence of 20+ overseas associations
  • 93 press accreditations from 54 media agencies (locally and abroad)
  • Estimated trade volume done during the show (from Exhibitor Survey): USD 30 millions
  • 52% of exhibitors rebooked for the 2nd Edition in 2015


IMPACT Exhibition Management is the co-organizer and show manager of BBAB 2014 & WSWC 2014. As an international exhibition organizer with relevant experience and expertise across a wide range of industries, IMPACT Exhibition Management shows strong commitment in promoting the local industries through its wide events portfolio -

INFORMA BEAUTY - Informa Exhibitions has expanded its presence in the global Beauty market significantly over the last few years, most recently via the acquisition of China Beauty Expo in Shanghai and through the launch ofBeyond Beauty ASEAN in Bangkok which led to the creation of the INFORMA BEAUTY portfolio. This has created a powerful network of Beauty events across the world, providing a unique platform for companies to connect and do business, launch and promote brands and expand their market presence. –

,formerly known as The Association of Thai Industries (A.T.I) and established on November 13th 1967, is a non-profit organization promoting and supporting the industry by developing sustainable growth for all industrial operations in the country. F.T.I. is the private sector administrative juristic person to serve as the core organization and centre for all Thai industries in the kingdom in the following four areas: Centre of industrial co-operation among and with private and government sectors in Thailand and abroad, Service centre for all industrial developments, Activities centre for all industrial operators & Problem-solving centre for all industrial enterprises in the kingdom, both for members and non-members regardless of size and type. Following F.T.I. Act 1987, the federation it now empowered to perform the duty of representing private sector in the industrial sector of Thailand -



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