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During the first days in March, we are putting together the prestigious cosmetics trade fair, WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA spring 2013 now entering its 15th year and being held once again on the grounds of the modern PVA EXPO PRAHA – LETŇANY!

Make sure not to miss out on the latest spring trends for new ideas, energy and ideals presented on 1st and 2nd March 2013 at the 15th ever international trade fair for cosmetics, hairstyling and healthy living!

The arrival of spring fuels our desire to lay to one side a great many discomforts and stereotypes –it is a time to embrace inspiration and suggestions for change. It is not just about changes to face-hairstyling, make-up or the overall appearance. As light returns to the sky, we seek out optimism and spiritual tranquillity,both of which are inextricably linked to physical well-being.Massages, relaxation, detoxification, non-invasive gratifying body forming, aroma-therapy with spring fragrances – and, to top it off an agreeable confident appearance signifying advancement in life and new successful beginnings.

Inspiration for this “spring-like” lifestyle has been brought to you by the WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA Spring 2013 trade fair. Once again visitors can look forward to viewing hundreds of well-known brands featuring at previous trade fairs as well as twenty companies in the field of organic cosmetics and natural care in high demand. They will allow you to take a look at some new features, become acquainted with their philosophy as well as find interesting products to please their clients, acquaintances as well as themselves.

2Anti-aging care, massages, relaxation
Taking place in several lounges as well as on the main stage, aside from a programme devoted to the latest beauty-enhancing techniques, anti-aging care and body forming, a cycle of interactive lectures and demonstrations will take place, devoted to relaxation, regeneration, alternative healthcare, also involving training in these fields.

Those presenting topics and practical demonstrations will include professionals in massage and physiotherapy, podiatry, acupressure, aroma-therapy, cosmetics which have a positive impact on a person’s spiritual realm, Chakra therapy, iris diagnostics, astrology as well as other fields. Among the largest professional alliances taking part include the Union of Cosmeticians, the Czech Wellness Association, the Association of Regeneration Specialists, the Association of Aroma-therapists, the Dexter Academy, the Czech Podiatric Society, the National Fashion Chamber, the PROKOS Cosmetics Alliance as well as a wide range of specialists working in the field of dermatology. The trade fair provides visitors with consultation and prevention services: above all involving a wide spectrum of the best professionals ready to answer their questions and offer practical advice for cultivating physical appeal as well as a healthy lifestyle. One of the foundations for this is being able to reach a state of spiritual tranquillity, followed by the expelling of fears, healthy self –actualisation and the adoption of a positive approach to yourself as well as those around you.

Visitors keen on following trends in make-up and styling won’t want to miss out on the trends of brands, now already a tradition being presented by Pavel Bauer, Štěpánka Podroužková and other leading make-up artists. As an interpretation of the topic for the next competition across the hairstyling world INSPIRATION 2014, the best hairstylists will be revealing how to perform magic with a pair of scissors, accompanied once again by a separate hairstyling performance.

Once again visitors will have the chance to try out a new hairstyle using computer simulation, have a photo printout made to serve as inspiration, and for the more courageous ones, to make a new hairstyle in the hands of skilled hairdressers. Once again the fashion themes will be topped off with several shows featuring clothes and fashion design.

Forming an integral part of beauty enhancement, we can look forward to taking a look at the latest trends in nail design, manicures and nail decorations, always presented by dozens of exhibiting companies. Companies presenting machine and traditional pedicures as well as consultancy in footcare, operating under the guidance of the Czech Podiatric Society will also have a place at the trade fair.Training and acquiring new qualifications
The offer includes a wide range of topics, not only aiming to appeal to visitors who wish to use the services of professionals but also those with a desire to actively work in the field ofbeauty and relaxation services and to gain further education or go for a change direction by qualifying in this field.

Once again a range of competitions has been put together for admirers and trail-blazers for fashion styles as well as competitive individuals and their fans. For the Friday, Pavel Bauer has put together the next round of the CREATIVE IMAGE TEA competition for talented teams comprising a hair-stylist – make-up artist – model. This time around the finalists will be selected based on photographs submitted on the topic of “NEW ROMANTIC”.

For the Saturday competition in photo make-up, Štěpánka Podroužková has prepared the topic of “A VENETIAN NIGHT”. She had the following to say about the topic: “I was inspired by the traditional carnival which has been held in Venice since the 13th century. The symbol for the event are Venetian masks, produced using a special technique and decorated with copious amounts of gold, precious stones and feathers. However only a few people are aware that the masks are sometimes painted directly onto the face and thus can form the basis for photo make-up,”

In conjunction with foreign and local organisers, “Nail” competitions are also set to be interpreted in a new way – in traditional style this will involve the Friday competitions for the Czech and International Championships in nail art and the manicure championships.Once again spring is linked to the junior competitions. The best finalists of the Kalibrcup in Lanškroun will be presenting their make-up and hairstyles as well as the designer competitions in České Budějovice, competitions from the National Fashion Chamber and narrative competitionsfor children and young people up to fifteen years of age both locally and from abroad.

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cosmoprof bologna
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